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Every year, the Hockey Club likes to do something of a charitable nature around Christmas time. Last Christmas they took on a major House Renovation task, which involved over 100 members and their friends giving up a few hours of their time one Sunday to perform a complete exterior and interior House Makeover. In the space of 24 hours, they managed to successfully renovate a dilapidated house and in doing so, greatly improved the living conditions of a family who had previously been living in absolutely terrible conditions.

On Sunday, 11th January, the Loreto Hockey Club will be taking on another challenge, this time in Barretstown Camp, Ballymore Eustace.

Project Barretstown Camp

Date: Sunday 11th January from 11am

Location: Barretstown Castle, Ballymore Eustace (30 mins drive from Beaufort.)

Requirement: As many volunteers as possible.

Action Plan for the day:

  1. After a brief 15 min. video explaining all the services provided at Barretstown, volunteers will be divided into teams of Painters, Gardeners and Cleaners.
  2. Painters are required for exterior and interior work in the Castle and Outhouses.
  3. Gardeners are needed to remove hedges, bushes & weeds in the “Secret Garden”
  4. Cleaners are required for all areas the children access, as everything needs to be sterilised and spotless in order to avoid the risk of infection to sick children

Barretstown will provide all paints and specialised cleaning materials required.

To volunteer, you can contact Bronnie on 087 8110962 to offer your help.

Barretstown Camp

Barretstown is a residential camp for children with a serious illness, offering a range of adventurous and challenging activities and supported behind the scenes by safe, medical attention and care. For children attending, Barretstown is a break from hospitals, white coats and medical treatment and a chance for sick children to be children again, to have fun, to make new friends and create new memories – all within the beautiful and magical setting of Barretstown castle.

All children and their families come to Barretstown free of charge. Everything, including accommodation, food, medical assistance and round-trip airfares is provided. Barretstown is supported by donations and fundraising.

Barretstown also provides Bereavement Camps to offer support to families who have lost a child. See below recent quote from Hockey Club member Gerry Daly who tragically lost her young son Donagh two years ago.
“”Over the past two years, Dave and I and our two girls Aimee and Gina spent three wonderful weekends at Barretstown as part of a Family Bereavement Camp.  It truly was a ‘serious fun camp’. We did everything from climbing to arts and crafts, from canoeing to dancing and singing at meal times!!  We were spoilt rotten by the trained staff and volunteers. Along with 25 other families from all over Ireland and Europe we talked, we laughed, we cried, we shared the heartbreak of our losses and most importantly celebrated the life of our beautiful brave children in heaven.
I am thrilled to hear the Hockey Club are planning to help out at Barretstown thus giving myself and our family a chance to give something back to this wonderful ‘haven of fun’ for children suffering with cancer and their families.”